CASCADE REFRIGERATION . Sorry, age eight. In some cases, water can be used for air cooling is much more common. It will be rate off low off flute here. A two-stage cascade system employs two vapor-compression units working separately with different refrigerants, and interconnected in such a way that the evaporator of one system is used to serve as condenser to a lower temperature system (i.e. As noted earlier, cascade systems typically use two different refrigerants (i.e., one INB each stage). Cascade refrigeration is a term you will hear more and more over the coming years, and while some of the systems may be very complex, the concept is actually pretty simple. PRECAUTIONS . "Thermodynamic analysis of cascade refrigeration system using natural refrigerate for super market application" , Science vol. Yeah, the rate off heat removed. The mass flow rate off represent through the lower cycle is calculated from an energy balance. One type is used for the low degree, and the other for higher stage. cascade refrigeration system among which few are CO 2 /Ammonia, Propane/CO 2, 507A/R23, 404a/CO 2 etc. In a cascade refrigeration system, two or more vapor-compression cycles with different refrigerants are used. A two stage cascade system has high temperature cycle and low temperature cycle. The low-temperature cycle operates between the pressures of 14.5 psia and 50 psia. Refrigeration Systems A two-stage compression refrigeration system with a flash chamber. In Cascade refrigeration, cooling effect is produced by (a) Latent heat (b) Total heat (c) Sensible heat (d) None (Ans:a) The ratio of COP of a two stage Cascade refrigeration system vs three stage cascade system is (a) < 1 (b) > 1 (a) = 1 (d) None (Ans: a) In a 2 stage cascade refrigeration system, cooling effect occurs in the (a) one evaporator A two-stage cascade system uses two pairs of compressor plants, working individually with different refrigerants, connected among themselves so that evaporator one system is used to serve as the capacitor to a lower temperature of the system (i.e. Using the table had mentioned about at three is 63.92 Ecological park aging edge foot 63 point nine to ecological park. A cascade refrigeration cycle is a multi-stage thermodynamic cycle. Performance off refrigeration. There are single compressor systems that can achieve temperatures colder than -100° Celsius but they are not widely used. What now? A two-stage cascade refrigeration system is shown below.