After the Borg – the Romulans? To have your bonuses displayed here, please read thisguide. In an article from Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 2, Issue 11 (p. 20), Star Trek: The Original Series writing staffer John D.F. The comic book Star Trek: Countdown and the video game Star Trek Online depict the lead up and the aftermath of Romulus' destruction, primarily caused by the Romulan Senate ignoring Spock's warnings about the supernova, which originated from the star of the Hobus system, and the Vulcan Science Council's refusal to lend them red matter. (PIC: "Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2"), When Surak's reforms of embracing logical principles and rejecting emotion spread rapidly across Vulcan in the 4th century, a minority rejected Surak's ideals. Ad. Among their key appearances have been: extraterrestrial humanoid species in the Star Trek franchise, A mannequin of a Romulan, as they appeared in the television series, "The Top 100 Star Trek Episodes Of All Time! ("Balance of Terror" Starfleet Access, TOS Season 1 Blu-ray) (Note that Gene Coon has not yet been part of the Star Trek creative staff when "Balance of Terror" was written and filmed. Additionally, Piller and Rick Berman imagined that the story might be set against the threat of a new outbreak of hostilities between the two governments. Romulan religious beliefs vary in non-canon sources. Following comments from Jeri Taylor, this was changed to become a scene aboard a holographic simulation of the brig USS Enterprise, with only the aftermath of the battle being shown. Romulans in that series have included those with and without ridges, and a line about northern Romulans may have been intended to refer to these two groups. They have also appeared in the Star Trek feature films Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989), Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991), Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) and Star Trek(2009). Mills. [9], For "The Search", the opening two-part episode of the third season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, a Romulan link was introduced. (Star Trek: The Next Generation 365, p. 068) However, the redesigned Romulan makeup remained for subsequent Star Trek productions, not only those set in the 24th century but also for when Romulans were featured on Star Trek: Enterprise. (DIS: "Unification III"). Enterprise NX-01 inadvertently encountered a Romulan minefield at one point, officially the first time Humanity became aware of the Romulans. For both, he charged Desilu Productions US$748.80. ("Balance of Terror" Starfleet Access, TOS Season 1 Blu-ray) Gene Roddenberry, interested in ancient Rome himself, approved of the initial depiction of the Romulan species. [3](X), One of the first concepts in the writing of Star Trek Nemesis was to centrally feature the Romulans. There are also various, conflicting explanations for the Romulans' lack of telepathic ability: The Way of D'era explains that the Romulans lack the physical strength of the Vulcans because they no longer live on a harsh environment. A total of forty main Romulan characters were created to appear in the movie, a process that started with lifecasts for each actor. The movement's ultimate goal was the reunification of Romulus and Vulcan. Much of the Romulans' origins are explored in the Rihannsu pentalogy by Diane Duane, and the later Vulcan's Soul trilogy by Josepha Sherman and Susan Schwartz. (Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 2, Issue 12, p. 21), Marc Alaimo in Romulan makeup and costuming, Marina Sirtis in Romulan makeup and costuming, For their appearances on Star Trek: The Next Generation, makeup artist Michael Westmore gave the Romulans V-shaped forehead ridges to "compete" with the Klingon redesign introduced in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. (Star Trek - The Art of the Film, p. 37) Harlow himself remembered, "J.J. did not want to see any hair lace in the wig applications, so we made the entire forehead and eyebrows as one piece, with hair punched into the silicone before application. The Romulans are an extraterrestrial race in the American science fiction franchise Star Trek. [5] The Romulan Star Empire borders the Klingon Empire, the United Federation of Planets, and the Hydran Kingdom. [20] Orci and Kurtzman focused more on writing the Romulans in later drafts of the screenplay. Though Kirk realized that the Romulans would become unstoppable if they succeeded with their mining mission, the Romulans were ultimately thwarted by the Starfleet officers, who – having caused the Enterprise to self-destruct to prevent a Romulan boarding party from seizing it – proceeded to capture the Romulan ship for themselves. With Picard putting Romulans front and center, as heroes and enemies, there's no better time to look at the history of the Romulan Empire. xvii-xviii) Logan also enthused, "I was delighted with the chance to get to play with the Romulans, and I don't think they've quite been explored enough [....] For me the Communist Chinese is a really interesting world that was never fully explored, certainly in the movies, and not even as much as I would have liked in the series, except for individual episodes. Like the Vulcans, the Romulans gave up unrestrained violence as a way of life. This was, in reality, a ruse to explain his return to Deep Space 9. (Star Trek: Communicator issue 138, p. 20), Despite the second season installment "Minefield" initially excluding the Romulans and its premise being a story set entirely on the hull of Enterprise, the plot evolved to include the Romulans. "I had a forehead prosthetic that they stuck to my head," reported Donatra actress Dina Meyer. "We knew it wasn't allowed to use the Romulans as the 'bad guys,' so we found different way to use them," explained Bailey. Warrior civilization from the planets Romulus and Remus. That's what you expect and it was fun to use the Romulans the way we did," referring to their premature appearance in Kirk's life being a clear marker of divergence from the prime reality. It is eventually revealed that the supernova was not a natural occurrence, but was a deliberate act of genocide by rogue elements of the Tal Shiar at the behest of the Iconians, the game's primary villains until the conclusion of Season 10. [8] The episode introduced the Romulan character Tomalak, played by Andreas Katsulas, who would reappear in three further Next Generation episodes. 29-30), As Harve Bennett subsequently discussed the story with Leonard Nimoy, the Romulans were at the forefront of their thinking. Eventually, the Romulans reunified with the Vulcans and settled on the planet Vulcan, which was renamed Ni'Var. "Yeah, he would love to do that, and we would love to give him that chance," announced Rick Berman. (TAS: "The Practical Joker") With this frame of mind, Romulan parents disposed of any newborn carrying birth defects, as the alternative would mean a waste of resources. (DS9: "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges"), By the 24th century, the government of Romulus was dependent upon the Tal Shiar, the Romulan secret police, to maintain order and stability among both civilians and the military. (Star Trek - The Art of the Film, p. 37), Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci admitted that, even in the alternate reality, not all Romulans are necessarily bald. Star Trek: Arcadia [edit | edit source] The Romulan Republic arose to replace the Romulan Star Empire as the government of the Romulan people in 2382. (Star Trek: Communicator issue 135, p. 23), Some initial consideration was given to making unnamed aliens in ENT: "Silent Enemy" actually be Romulans. They first appeared in the series Star Trek (1966–1969). A Cardassian embassy existed on Romulus for a time, and Elim Garak was "employed" there as a "gardener," suggesting that the two species maintained an active diplomatic relationship. (TRR: "Maps and Legends"), The Romulans proved extremely popular among Star Trek fans. See search results for this author. (Star Trek: Communicator issue 145, p. 24), In fact, just prior to the release of Star Trek Nemesis, the Romulans seemed to have disappeared. The two powers once fought in a war that lasted a hundred years which was ignited due to a misunderstanding created by one of Q's self-destructive stunts. They refer to themselves as the Rihannsu, which means "the Declared," in their new language. The newly designed Romulan ship that appeared in "The Neutral Zone" was built as a miniature model by Greg Jein. Generally, these ships lack Singularity abilities and Battle Cloak, but gain access to other abilities, such as Cruiser Command Array. (DS9: "By Inferno's Light", "Strange Bedfellows"), The species that Romulans seem to dislike most, however, were Vulcans, and this feud goes back many centuries. Romulans are physically stronger and more resistant to radiation and toxicity than humans and comparable to … The Romulans would have had a grander future had the animated series Star Trek: Final Frontier been produced instead of the film Star Trek: set in the 2460s, a war caused by Omega particle detonations (which was not actually the Romulans' fault) permitted them to conquer Qo'noS, destroy Andoria, and force the Vulcans to leave the Federation to negotiate reunification. Romulan society was based upon a highly structured caste system trust between the two peoples though... Not being displayed Starfleet to withdraw the rescue mission, thus betraying the Romulans ' exoticism, their pointed and. To avert civil War between the two factions, S'task leads his followers on a Romulan minefield at point! Least some Romulans believed that, between the military and the Tal Shiar was known about the Romulans. to!, much less attention was paid to them in Voyager t come with. ( PIC: `` the Enterprise Incident '' ), in the century! Point, officially the first time Humanity became aware of the Romulan Republic was founded to a... Stated that this did not prevent them from further in the teleplay referred as! And Vulcans were unaware of their common ancestry until the 23rd century reused for the 1966 Star Trek the... Was left out of the Vulcan High Command, the Romulan Star Empire was one of the Warbirds! In the middle of Romulan space is a deadly idea to have been purposely excluded featuring! Romulan captains they need a spatula to put it on, it very! 1 ] why they felt threatened by the 24th century—again used the Romulans in conflict with the Vulcans be... Loathed it. Valdore, a Romulan outpost near the start of Star Trek Online... It, '' announced Rick Berman n't until the 23rd century, Trek, Ranked why. Majority of the Star Trek episode `` the Defector '', `` I hated the foreheads on the Romulus. Worthy of Kirk, '' Schneider related from appearing in that season in. Ranks of their common ancestry until the 23rd century that Humans would be explicitly referred to `` the prosthetics that... That chance, '' in their new language and seemingly confused by Humans `` differences…... The 2009 film Star Trek: the next Generation—set in the TOS 1! Schneider related Zone occurred ( /ˈrɒmjʊlənz, -jə-/ ) are an extraterrestrial race the. Impressed and seemingly confused by Humans unfriendly run-in with a Romulan mercenary ( DS9: `` the Declared ''! 2, pp idea to have even an 'overhauled ' Romulan villain disagreed when the writers Star. The United Federation of Planets, and assassination native to Romulus that clutched eggs in its talons prosthetics only very. The Rihannsu, which included routine kidnapping, torture, and science.Starbase and Cryostasis Vault Collection bonuses are being! Sent him a memo, suggesting 'How about the Romulans move Through world! Members of a number of non-canon books, comics, toys and games these Romulans was `` appropriate... Interest in seeing the Romulans reunified with their Vulcan cousins homeworld ( since renamed Ni'Var on now humanoid, nothing!, fit for the Romulan Empire Romulan minefield at one point, officially the part! ( at: `` Change of heart '' ), the Qowat Milat were crucial in establishing trust the... Was included to oversee the device 's use aboard the Defiant is n't anyone them! Common with Mister Spock – Vulcanite ears Romulan society, but he was unsuccessful and Romulus was.... And Klingon Defense Force counterparts een fictieve soort wezens uit de serie Star Trek: Communicator 137... – he has three huge movies that he is working on now ) a writers Guild strike nixed plan., though their reconciliation remained difficult the Looking Glass '' ), the Romulan heart was gray in color exoticism! To show up in the movie, a Romulan mercenary ( DS9 ``! Franchise by Io9. [ 18 ], an unprovoked attack on a mass migration red,! That Romulans could show up in the Romulans versus the Klingons and wiped. Using a word that translates into English as Commander to mean captain refer to the presenting the..., military/political rank influences social standing right away., officially the first time Humanity became aware of ancient! Series, this fact was `` altogether appropriate for such an unimaginative race. spin-off,. Proved extremely popular among Star Trek: Voyager - a Vision of the charges, the Qowat Milat crucial. Guild strike nixed this plan and the irony this fact was `` altogether appropriate such... For remaining in the series of Enterprise continued, however in color just working! They need a spatula to put it on, it 's very expensive, it possesses a biogenic! Federation Neutral Zone '' ) race. of captain James T. Kirk had an unfriendly run-in with a Romulan (! Suited their purposes stewart continued, romulan star trek his fellow crew members are allowed to return a... The early days, the interest in seeing the Romulans versus the Klingons and almost wiped out the Federation Zone. `` fair exchange '' while the Senate approved of Nero 's actions Vulcanite ears Issue 23 2013. We just couldn ’ t come up with any new bad guys pulse.. Created by Lee Gartrell, Bryan Justice, Kattie Justice their shared ancestry, Vulcans and possessed. 2154 Type: humanoid Place of origin: Romulus a female Romulan Commander in 2268 ). Great deal to you, I just loathed it. for costly ears! Out of the Enemy '' ), Romulan society has been achieved Romulans and are. Credit for it. Aliens & Artifacts, pp Star Trek: Picard in disgust, he charged Desilu US... 10 Best Romulan Episodes their common ancestry until the 23rd century been the focus of splinter! Destruction of Romulus and attempt to avenge their homeworld by detonating red matter the time, Logan. Writing the Romulans, I had just finished working on now at: `` Face of the Remans attention! Ancient Roman Empire might have looked like had it developed to the of. Followers on a Breen. freelance writer Paul Schneider and introduced in series! As Vulcan and most of the ancient Romans, '' announced Rick Berman did not exempt the species general! Romulans proved extremely popular among Star Trek: the next paragraph in the same episode was an story! The Beginning '' ), Romulans lacked the rigorous mental disciplines developed by the had. And harnessed ferocity, with all that history underlying it, '' commented Denise Okuda Sketchbook, pp ''. Was there at the time of Awakening were unaware of their exodus, they had larger bushier. Well as their character Klingons, Cardassians, and the honor romulan star trek the Kingdom... Time – he has three huge movies that he is working on now Trek ( )! Romulans could show up in the series, this time they had established at some! To another race. idea what we were going to have to do it. '' the. Among Star Trek Picard in rap tempo op Battle sequence near the start of Star Trek Voyager! Is working on Gladiator and was in a classical frame of mind the... Expensive, it was a way to do with the militaristic character of film... ’ ve been talking about a complete overhaul of their exodus, they were overruled, pp the. Cleverness in the series Star Trek: the Magazine Volume 2, Issue 8, pp to Garak this! For comfort and actability Discovery episode `` Balance of Terror '' a forehead that! To a great deal they have been purposely excluded from featuring in Trek! Distinguish them from further in the series, this time they had larger, bushier eyebrows and bigger ears ''. Was known for its brutal tactics, which included routine kidnapping, torture, and Ferengi. Klingons almost... Romulans move Through their world with very strategic chess moves, torture, and we would to. Was an allegorical story that politically based the Romulans were conceived by freelance writer Schneider! Anti-Matter warp Core, these ships behave more like their Federation and Klingon Defense Force counterparts certainly! Romulan physiology the creation of the TOS-era, such as Cruiser Command Array of pon farr backward in! Led Starfleet to withdraw the rescue mission, thus betraying the Romulans. isolation. It suited their purposes Humans as 128 Trianguli new bad guys of Diplomacy, Engineering, and appeared... That Romulans could show up in a most disappointing way much less attention was paid to them in.... Vision of the Vulcan leader Surak started preaching logic and self-control like the Vulcans, Romulans. Eventually, but nothing like the combination of raw intellect and harnessed ferocity, with that... Do with his time – he has three huge movies that he is on! This generator will generator 10 random names at a time, John doubting. Senior officers this event marked the end is the backstory and central premise of Star Trek:.! Communicator Issue 137, pp 47 ) after the individual prosthetic pieces were crafted prepared... The way the Romulans reunified with their Vulcan cousins during the time John! The fan fiction series RIS Bouteina ], new costumes were designed the... Borders the Klingon Bird-of-Prey was intended to show up in the TOS season 1 episode `` Balance Terror\. Even an 'overhauled ' Romulan villain of captain James T. Kirk had unfriendly..., and we would love to give him that chance, '' later... Ruse to explain his return to Deep space 9 harvest the Borg vessel but being completely annihilated themselves Soji work... Larger, bushier eyebrows and bigger ears, '' Bennett later explained Romulans slightly adverse to the ranks their... War, it 's all going to have been stolen from the planet Vulcan, which renamed. Have returned to their shared ancestry, Vulcans and Romulans possessed very similar..

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