Przeczytaj o tym. Inspiration – Växter i heminredning; Inspiration – Vivarium, terrarium och växthus; Om oss; Kontakt; 0. A very beautiful big Bromeliad and the first time in our shop. Vriesea fosteriana. Care. Zamów do 14:00 i odbierz tego samego dnia! Hi everyone ,i thought i might start with posting a piccie of my favourite vr.species ,i would like to see how many forms/varieties there are between us all and how they grow best for you ,many of these plants are as good as any hybrid in patterns etc,so give us a stickie at yours ok? The plants become very large with beautiful reddish foliage with … Dodaj do koszyka. Vriesea fosteriana 'Red Chestnut' Plant Citations. Explore tanetahi's photos on Flickr. Produkten är slut hos leverantör. … Common name: ‘Red Chestnut’ vriesea Botanical name:Vriesea fosteriana ’Red Chestnut’ Foliage: Glossy green leaves have creamy white stripes. Available in 4" pot size. Frizea fosteriana red chestnut (vriesea) quantity. tall red-orange sword. VRIESEA FOSTERIANA 'RED CHESTNUT' FAMILY : Bromeliaceae ORIGIN : SIZE : up to 2' LIGHT REQUIREMENTS : shade WATER REQUIREMENTS : average The foliage ranges in color from light green to purplish red. Saved from Vriesea Red Chestnut Vriesea fosteriana 'Red Chestnut' Regular price £17.00 Sale price £0.00 Quantity. Looking for care information? Perfect for plant collectors and enthusiasts. Perfectly suited to a bright indirect position indoors, the brighter th Leveranshöjd: 30-40 cm . Onder terrarium omstandigheden zal hij deze grote echter nooit bereiken. seideliana (Red Chestnut)-One of the most beautiful Vriesea species and an ideal candidate for terrarium growing. Herkomst De Vriesea is een inheemse plant in de regenwouden van Midden- en Zuid Amerika. Most Vrieseas form a rosette with their leaves that create a central tank. tanetahi has uploaded 16422 photos to Flickr. Kenmerken … A small beginning of a somewhat larger mature plant, this bromeliad is sure to find its way into any collection. Vriesea 9″ Red Chestnut. Vriesea fosteriana wird unter geeigneten Bedingungen bis zu 80 cm hoch und 70 cm breit. Bromeliad 'Vriesea x red chestnut' Brom191: Specifications: Vriesea x red chestnut: This Araflora plant is a real must for all plant enthusiastics. Vriesea fosteriana 'Red Chestnut' Family: Bromeliaceae The South American bromeliad is a real eyecatcher that adds instant tropical impact with its brightly coloured variegation. Finns i flera sorter. This Vriesea can grow quite large with a good regimen of time release fertilizer. Find help & information on Vriesea fosteriana 'Red Chestnut' from the RHS tall fuchsia. Only one available All our plants arrive gift-wrapped Jak pakujemy rośliny? Vriesea fosteriana 'Red Chestnut' in Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens. Caption: moved from part sun to deep shade, (got sunburned). Vriesea fosteriana 'Red Chestnut' Explore tanetahi's photos on Flickr. Virtues: Vriesea ‘Red Chestnut’ is a favorite bromeliad for its ease-of-care, tolerance of low light levels and beautiful, striped leaves that take on a red cast as they mature. Omdat Vriesea fosteriana een langzame groeier is, is hij zelfs geschikt voor kleinere terraria vanaf 50x50x50cm. Vriesea fosteriana 'Red Chestnut' Lättskött och hållbar med vackert tecknad bladrosett. Photo Location: Fred's Garden In Naples, Fl on 9/15/11. vol 49, no. My curved fronds come out green but deepen into a rich maroon (or chestnut) colour. ... Plant care. Vriesea fosteriana var. Guzmania Class. Find all the care information you need about the Red Chestnut (Vriesea Fosteriana) on our Bloombox Club A-Z of plant care. Do zamówienia pocztówka gratis! Bromeliad vriesea fosteriana 'Red Chestnut'...Is cherished particularly for his stripey leaves that will deliver on a red glow he matures. Skötselråd för Vriesea; Inspiration. They aren’t extremely impressive and are short-lived. And don’t forget to check our shop for a big range of indoor plants. Vriesea Fosteriana Red Chestnut. Dostępność … Endemic to Brazil A real must to Bromeliad enthusiasts. The leaves create a reservoir, or “tank,” that collects water. Alles over de Vriesea (Vriesea fosteriana 'Red Chestnut') D 15 H 40 cm. Vriesea flower spikes are often tall, broad, and colored with shades of brilliant red, yellow, and orange. Bromeliad Society, Journal. Bromeliads. Vriesea. Vriesea (Vriesea sp.) This old favorite sports a light red overall blush compared to standard varieties of fosteriana. Additional information about this plant will become available later. Similar Varieties. As the plant ages, a rusty red cast covers the foliage. Close; Plants in terrariums; Plants in Vivariums; Neoregelia Care; Airplant care; Close; Events; Contact Us; Home / Shop / Other Plants / Bromeliads / Vriesea ‘Red Chestnut’ Vriesea ‘Red Chestnut’ £ 25.00 £ 25.00. Many varieties have variegation or banding on the leaves. 6. Vriesea ospinae ‘tiger Tim’ growing in 70mm nursery pot. V. fosteriana – Red Chestnut – This epiphytic and terrestrial bromeliad from Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina grows 3-5’ feet tall and 3’ feet wide. Leveranshöjd: 30-40 cm. Hij is familie van de Bromelia's en net als de die planten groeit ook de Vriesea als epifyt. Guzmania Freya. Colours this magnificent shouldn’t be this easy to grow. Photo #2/8 of Bromeliad (Vriesea fosteriana 'Red Chestnut').

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